Scarcity or Abundance Mindset

What we fear losing we grasp. What we grasp others tend to grasp as well. Thus we help to create an atmosphere of fear.

Fear is contagious – it moves from person to person quickly. The dynamic of fear is the opposite of the move of the Spirit of God.

It is only natural that ultimately the presence of fear creates a mindset of scarcity – a culture that is difficult to destroy. The scarcity mindset, is by and large, the ubiquitous atmosphere of the Church in America today. Yet God is on the march to change that.

The mark of the Kingdom’s presence is generosity – a willingness to share from an abundance mindset without hesitation – a willingness to give first and ask questions later – a mindset that says, “I am led to give to this cause so I will give. God will take care of the details.”

Do you believe like me? Let’s go and change the world.


  1. Great thoughts.. Two marks of mature believers is giving and forgiving, with no strings attached. Those marks and the atmosphere of hope the believer carries change the world.

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