The Bird

Most of the people in the Tampa Bay Area are not from here – much like Denver, or Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  To clear up a misunderstanding, there are very few elderly-retirees living in the Tampa area.  This is not a “snow bird” area.  Those who do own condos in the Clearwater area (just across the bridge that connects Tampa to St. Petersburg) are somewhat wealthy.
So far I’ve had two great conversations with people who were in a hurry to get somewhere.  Each time, as I drove near them, the person flipped me the bird – then ended up driving to the same place as me.  When they got out of their cars they engaged me in conversation – as friendly as could be!
Keep in mind lots of people here are from NY and NJ where the bird signal is equal to a hand wave.

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  1. todd on August 30, 2007 at 10:53 am

    hmmmm….sounds very strange….but hey, I heard and interesting story about how the missionaries of charity over in India just nonchalantly use the expletive term (the “SH” word)for excrement when they’re taking care of folks…..

    it’s a strange and beautiful world…..

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