Lesson #12: Lead with Your Strengths, Never your Weak Side.

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#12: Lead with your strengths, never your weak side.

Once you have been down, you tend to become more acutely aware of your strengths…and your weaknesses. God makes a deposit in us when we are at the bottom of the barrel of our own resources. Whether you’ve been through a literal near-death or you’ve gone through the paces of great disappointment, he gives us a new awareness to our strong points.

You have a number of God-given strengths that make you uniquely you. Along the way, well-intentioned people will volunteer to make you “balanced.” At various times I have heard such folks claim that it is God’s will that we strive to live in the mid-range of life instead of aspiring to a particular strength. I’ve heard such people claim that when Paul spoke of being “all things to all people” he was appealing to the need for us to be balanced people.

I disagree. Yes, we must be balanced in our biblical doctrine. That’s a given. Our gifting is another matter. Your strengths make you the only you that exists on earth. You have been created by God to walk out a unique path with your gift mix. Excel in your strengths.

Paul reasoned along these lines: If you are an eye be an eye. If a mouth, be a mouth. The eye needs the mouth, and vice versa. There are distinct parts to Paul’s body metaphor. Together the various parts make for an orchestrated whole. Individually none of these parts is balanced. Each part is strong in itself. Be encouraged in your unique abilities.


Fact: You aren’t balanced. You can’t be balanced in yourself. Stop bearing the burden of trying to be balanced. That’s exasperating…and impossible! By yourself, you represent only a single dimension of God’s best.

One of the great lessons I learned through my death experience is this: I can’t be concerned about the opinions of others. Death is like that—it sets you apart from the crowd. You can’t be average any longer after you’ve gone through that barrier. Maybe you can relate. A death experience will cause you to assess your somewhat limited opportunities. Life is too short to be concerned about the petty judgments of others who don’t get it—who don’t get you.

Use your “right” hand. Go with your strong side. God has created you with unique abilities. He is glorified as you walk in your strengths. Walk in the abilities God has provided for you. Stop being concerned with inabilities you don’t possess. You have anointed strengths. Walk in these.

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