Lesson #13: Saying Yes Brings Life


#13: Saying Yes Brings Life

Life is difficult after going through a time of death.

One of the fastest ways to make forward progress is to practice saying Yes. Literally, say Yes!

We need to get into the habit of telling God Yes. There are plenty of forces at work around us that conspire to get us to say No to God and to life in general. When we say No we move backward. When we say No we choose death.

All of us have two response triggers we can choose between as opportunities present themselves. We can pull the Yes trigger or we can engage the No trigger. We can choose either of those triggers at will. Each day we get the chance to choose either of those responses multiple times.
Opportunities come your way daily. They present themselves in various packages. Some of those doors present themselves to you in obvious packages. Some are hidden fairly well. Some look like the opposite of opportunities. They may even look like attacks. For those who are patient, God will make it clear he is in a challenging situation.

No matter what the initial appearance may be when we say Yes we set in motion amazing dynamics.

It is helpful to practice saying Yes out loud. Say It may sound a little odd, but only for a moment. It is powerful to pull the right trigger. I’m tired of engaging the deadly trigger. God’s strength comes to us as we engage in choosing life. He will give us his power as we choose life. It’s a good exchange!

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  1. Yes, is such a powerful force in our lives. E. Stanley Jones, a Methodist missionary years ago wrote a life-changing book for me called THE DIVINE YES. He contends that when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives we have a new capability to say “Yes” that was difficult or impossible before we invited Him in. It is a book worth reading

  2. This is really helpful. I have done the speaking “no” out loud to temptations and such. I never thought about verbalizing the “yes” to the Holy Spirit. I going to give it a try.

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