#6 and #7- Practical and Simple

taking the trash

#6-Return garbage cans from the curb.

Maybe your street requires you to take the containers to the curb. Get up before others and scoot the trash containers closer to the neighbors reach. They’ll figure out it was you after a time or two of hauling the cans.

“Why am I doing this? I’m just showing a little bit of God’s love in a practical way…”

#7-Refreshing drinks

Set up at a corner where you can safely.

We recommend you wear a bright safety vest. Ours have printed on them: Kindness In Progress! kindness.com

Water. Ideally, we want any drinks to the point of just above freezing solid. Ideal doesn’t happen much of the time. I recommend you have dedicated coolers that are just for outreach. If you hope to do this seriously think commercial fishing, not so much sport fishing. We are on an expedition to add a lot of fish.

The “Fish” in your neck of the woods might appreciate a soft drink more than water. An outreach friend in Texas claims that Dr. Pepper is so loved there it’s served as a fine wine in certain restaurants.

“Did you get your drink yet? Just showing God’s love in a practical way.”

#8-$1 Carwash in Reverse