kindness card outreach

One of my favorite things about Outreach is I never know when or how God is going to show up and present a divine appointment. The moment catches me by surprise and I am in awe by His power that connects two strangers and unites them in a common goal of worship of our Savior.

Often it is in the receiving of an INTENTIONAL yet SIMPLE act of KINDNESS – the Dr. Pepper, the bubbles, the flowers, the tangible- that softens the receivers heart and points to Jesus. Sometimes, it is our shirt that says “Every1Matters” that pulls a person to question the crazy “Trash people.” Other times, it is the card with a smiley face that is received after a free gift has been delivered that spurs people to wonder.

People need people!  We crave love and someone to notice us. But kindness isn’t enough unless it is followed up with Jesus. Kindness is just the attention grabber, Jesus is the greatest free gift.

I get so excited to see the light bulb moment when the free gift becomes more than the tangible item. It is almost addicting. Regular obedience to serve in Outreach spills over in life to more than just a couple Saturday’s a month. It becomes a habit, an outlook shift, and attitude improver. One which I am eternally grateful for! Outreach has changed me and given me so many opportunities to meet new friends and love on people. It has shaped me.