#kindnessnow servant evangelism 2.0 summit.

#kindnessnow 2.0

Join us for new insights, communication skills, and profound encouragement of Servant Evangelism 2.0 and God Space Conversations at our upcoming Summit!

We believe #KindnessNow is more important than ever!  We envision Christ followers trained and activated in word and in works to reach our world.  At a recent gathering of over 62,000 people called The Send,  Andy Byrd from YWAM closed with this statement:

“It was not about a stage, not about microphones, not about speakers, not about worship band.  It’s about the everyday, common believers filled with an uncommon spirit and an uncommon passion to go anywhere for the sake of the Gospel…. We are stepping into the most activated generation in all of human history.”

-Andy Byrd, The Send in Orlando 2/23/2019

Kindness Outreach Creates:

  • Outward Focused Cultures in Church Plants
  • Connections between Social Justice and the Gospel Story
  • Contexts for (Power) Encounters
  • More In-depth God Space Conversations
  • Next Steps for Citywide Movements
  • “Out” in Small Groups/Missional Practices/Neighboring
  • Bridges for Multi-Cultural Evangelism
  • Momentum for Stuck Churches

Research from the recent Barna study, Reviving Evangelism, describes the distance between what Not-Yet-Believers need in faith conversations versus the skills possessed by Christians they know.  (https://www.barna.com/research/non-christians-faith-conversations/)

#KindnessNow combines Kindness Outreach, the spiritual power of Acts of Kindness, with God Space, communicating God’s Kindness in Relationships.  Join the conversation with Steve Sjogren, Doug Pollock, and others.  May 2nd – 4th in Cincinnati, OH.

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