Mistake #11: Independence in Church Finances Apart from Outreach

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An over-dependence upon church systems for success is not good. This kind of thinking will cause outreach leaders to become bitter, frustrated and eventually want to quit. No church relationship can bear up under unrelenting expectations. On the other hand, a church system thinking that cuts itself off from outreach is doomed to die a harsh death. These two need one another. They exist in a synergistic relationship.

The local church needs to realize she must support outreach if there is any hope of being vibrant and relevant to the surrounding community. To make the process of financing simpler and less emotional I recommend you finance outreach by giving to outreach on a percentage basis. Start with between 5 and 10% and work your way up to 15% given to local outreach. I recommend you count this as money dedicated to expenses other than salaries. As God blesses overall church finances then what is given to outreach will increase in due measure. If overall finances decrease, it follows that outreach monies decrease accordingly.

Mistake #12

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