In The Groove

In times like this – lots going on, me being the point guy in setting out to establish the new culture of Coastland – it is tempting to step out of my strengths.  To use my regular metaphor, life is pulling me to fall back into the rabbit mode and away from the turtle mode.  Problem is I don’t do the rabbit mode well.  Really no one does.

The trick is to have self-awareness – then to not get out of that groove.
Wisdom is to stay in our seminal reason for being as close to 100% of the time as life affords us.
Hint:  If we are not spending at least 70% of our time in that sync currently, we are kidding ourselves – have convinced ourselves that life is simply just not alterable at this time – IE, a cop-out.

Hint #2:  If you are past age 45 (just a general age to choose – give or take) and are not living in that sync, you are on a downward spiral that is sapping the life out of you.  In one’s youth exploring is the key word.  Past about age 45 is meant to be lived with all cylinders firing in the same direction.  If not at that point of sync, dedicate energy to that end.  I’ve written a lot about this – Google and begin.


  1. This reminds me of a riddle, “What does a man do well quickly or in a hurry?” Every wife knows the answer, but for the men in the audience…the answer is nothing.

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