Strategy of attacks

As we live a life of obedience we run into obstacles. Chalk it up to the universal principle of attack and counter-attack. As you sign up to do good and the will of God there will automatically come opposition. You are no longer moving in the direction of agreement with the culture that opposes God. Attack is simply going to be your lot in life every now and then.

How you deal with these attacks will be one of the first testings to come your direction. What are we to do with those who oppose us almost to an irrational level? Jesus and Paul give us simple counsel: “Bless and curse not.” Don’t give into your natural inclinations. Don’t strike back, even when they jolly well deserve it.


  1. Ha, I remember John Wimber saying some of the very same things. Remember him talking about this at the Kingdom Warfare conference back in Jan. 1993.

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