What a Waste of Time?

What is a waste of time these days really? In our rush to conserve precious, limited time we can decide some vitally important things are a waste that are actually wise to dedicate ourselves to. For one, it’s about wasting time on people on a regular basis – and not just ones who seem to be high priority folks. Sometimes the ones we are wise to hang out with are surprises who at first pass appear to be an absolute waste of time. I want to suggest there are no wastes of time among people regardless of first appearances. As C.S. Lewis pointed out, if we could see our fellow persons as they truly are, in all their glory, we would be tempted to fall down at their feet and worship them. That’s true for everyone, even with VDPs (Very Draining People). Let’s love today with all the love God supplies.


  1. Loving a person may cost something. We do it because He firstloved us . Thinking about what we get out of it is always wrong and could not come from love. It is also fake and will be seen through .

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