Lesson #8: You Will Become A More Focused Person.


#8: You Will Become A More Focused Person.

Our view of God becomes more intense when a death occurs. We also become more focused during a time of great loss. Life may be free from loss these days. You may find it difficult to relate to the notion of loss. Make no mistake though. A loss is headed in your direction. God will redeem it.

At a time of great loss, you will become aware of the brevity of life. The prayer of the Psalmist must have come after a heavy loss. It says, “Teach me to number my days.”

Getting around the grave causes us to reckon our remaining time on earth as something special. You can’t psyche yourself into this perspective. You can’t pray yourself into this state. Nothing but a significant loss will deliver you there. That is a great loss, and the faithful presence of the Holy Spirit upon your life to make sense of it all.

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