Heaven’s Lessons

What happens when you knock on death's door not once, but twice? As Steve Sjogren opened his eyes during surgery, the people around his bed...

Jesus’ Style- Risk vs. Reliance (part 4)

Risk versus Reliance  Success in ministry, and in all of life for that matter, boils down to us weighing the assets and challenges.  Reliance: How much...
The Day I Died

Some Things I Learned When I Died

Lesson #1: Friends Come and Go But Enemies Rise To the Occasion When the bottom drops out of life it becomes apparent who is...
David hearing

Simplifying God’s Voice

Do you feel inadequate in the area of connecting with God's voice? When you hear others mention they have gotten specific guidance from God...

Lessons Learned in Outreach Lately

Picking up some great lessons in the realm of outreach lately. Diligence. The race isn’t to the fastest or the most impressive initially, but to the...

Go Out Anyway

Just Show Up! When it comes to doing outreach projects with teams a lot can go right... and wrong. After doing team-oriented outreaches for decades...
a latte love

An Encounter with God: Breaking Hearts and Blowing Minds

As I gave the barista my drink order that Sunday morning, I noticed a couple behind me who looked a little haggard. The woman...
night city people

Have You Considered Starting A Sunday PM Service?

There has been talk of late about the downside of starting Saturday evening services. Having pioneered that time slot from the get-go as an...

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