A Gift of Coffee Saves a Life

 Kind gesture, greeting at Tim Hortons drive-thru in Ontario helps save a life Nick Westoll WATCH ABOVE: A Pickering man always pays for the person behind...
Free Water

Creates an Opportunity for the Church to “Get Involved”

The typical evangelism approach segregates the Church into the gifted and the ungifted – the called and those who don’t sense God speaking to...
Taco Bell

Launching Kindness Outreach — the 10.5 best kindness outreach starter projects

It’s all about God’s presence. When we serve someone in a practical way we meet a pressing need in their life. As we show...
green card

Getting and Giving Green Cards

  Green Card - permission and blessing for an immigrant to go to work. Our friends Rex and Sally tell us, “We loved America from our...

What Used to Not Work Works Again

The world is in constant motion. It seems the Church isn’t always aware of this basic fact. If we aren’t careful we can flog...
kindness card outreach


One of my favorite things about Outreach is I never know when or how God is going to show up and present a divine...
a latte love

An Encounter with God: Breaking Hearts and Blowing Minds

As I gave the barista my drink order that Sunday morning, I noticed a couple behind me who looked a little haggard. The woman...

Fishing As A Commercial Fleet…Defining Normal

What is your notion of “normal” when it comes to outreach? Do you think it is normal to see people come to know Jesus only...
steve sjogren

Halloween Outreaches Galore!

Some church people think of Halloween as a dark time on the calendar – a time when godly people should go the other direction...
Outreach for Introverts

Outreach for Introverts

For introverts, the notion of outreach can seem not just difficult but fully impossible to pull off, at least as many understand the notion...

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