Free food outreach

Hamburger Give Away

Doing something a bit different today. Going out to serve part of the city by giving away grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to people....
sea and sky

Low Risk.

I mean minimizing what can go haywire. A lot of what I tried to do early on in the Christian life was high-risk ministry. That...
bicycle boardwalk

Few Touch Many.

It doesn’t take a large crew to make leave a big footprint. Victory in God’s kingdom has always gone to the underdogs. God nearly...
bullet door


Have you ever been dogged by someone that was excited about their faith? I was in the New York City area a while back...
planting flowers

Sometimes Small Numbers Work Best

Many times I have gone outreaching with just a small cadre of folks. Sometimes that has been a home group. At other times I...

It Doesn’t Take a Lot of People to Make an Impact.

A small group can make a mighty impact. I have seen time and again how God can take our willingness, our availability, and invest...
car wash

It’s Inexpensive.

It doesn’t take much of an investment to reach out. Something pretty amazing can happen with a small investment. In fact, some of my...
bright burst skyscraper

SE Will Catalyze Your People

Typical evangelism approaches segregate Believers into categories – the gifted and the ungifted – those who feel called and those who don’t sense God...
water kidz

SE Creates Space for Your Church to Get Involved

Deep down everyone in your church wants to do ministry. Each one wants to make a difference. It may be that they don’t know...
Free Water

Creates an Opportunity for the Church to “Get Involved”

The typical evangelism approach segregates the Church into the gifted and the ungifted – the called and those who don’t sense God speaking to...

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