It’s a Thanksgiving Life

Build a Memory of Thanksgiving Kindness When you think of the words, “kindness” and “Thanksgiving” an image of food might come to mind. Maybe your...
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Practical Planning- Part 1

Our communities care about how we care. They care about what we do. In other words, your church is defined in your community by...

The Science of Kindness

What if God actually made us for kindness? Studies show a physiological response to acts of kindness! We were fearfully and wonderfully made to give and receive...
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Kindnesstogo encourages outward-focusedness within congregations, seminars or conference participants. Kindnesstogo: Simple outreach opportunities for churches, groups, seminars, and conferences. Description of kindness: —noun 1. the state or quality of being kind 2. a...
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Acts Of Kindness, Part 2

These are some more stories that have won the hearts of millions of people around the world — and they can make your today a little bit better....
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Kindness Now: A Biblical Overview, Part 5

The Holy Spirit reveals God's Kindness via Followers of Jesus Fruit of the Holy Spirit But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,...
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Kindness Now: A Biblical Overview, Part 4

Our beliefs determine our actions. Believing God is Good, and God is Kind is our foundational belief. This core belief enhances our connection to God as...
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Kindness Now: A Biblical Overview, Part 3

The kindness of God leads people to repentance. David's Experience with God David's plea for forgiveness was based on his understanding, and his experience, of God's...
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Kindness Now: A Biblical Overview, Part 2

Peter and John in the Pastoral Epistles It is interesting to read the thought—connected passages concerning doing good and serving others. The Pastoral Epistles and...
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Kindness Now: A Biblical Overview, Part 1

Why Kindness?   The concept of demonstrating God’s Kindness is not a new idea.  The pattern of Kindness is shown clearly in the character of God...

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