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Launching Kindness Outreach — the 10.5 best kindness outreach starter projects

It’s all about God’s presence. When we serve someone in a practical way we meet a pressing need in their life. As we show...

A Gift of Coffee Saves a Life

 Kind gesture, greeting at Tim Hortons drive-thru in Ontario helps save a life Nick Westoll WATCH ABOVE: A Pickering man always pays for the person behind...
J. Washington

#kindnessnow: conversations

Four pastors have a conversation about the power of kindness. Going to a porn shop to show God's love in a practical way is...
#kindnessnow 2.0

#kindnessnow servant evangelism 2.0 summit.

Join us for new insights, communication skills, and profound encouragement of Servant Evangelism 2.0 and God Space Conversations at our upcoming Summit! We believe #KindnessNow...
God Loves You


Learn what Steve has been up to. Where's Steve (video hint) Plus, this is a FREE EVENT! However, we'll ask you to consider INVESTING...

Kindness Quotient – (K.Q.) – Your Greatest Asset

Kindness Quotient - (K.Q.) - Your Greatest Asset You are probably not just familiar with the concept of IQ - you might even know...
green card

Getting and Giving Green Cards

  Green Card - permission and blessing for an immigrant to go to work. Our friends Rex and Sally tell us, “We loved America from our...

The Kindness Paradox

Are you a kindness hypocrite? Welcome to the club! A man once told Dwight Moody, the prolific evangelist...
shiny ornaments

Shiny Happy People

  Shiny happy people The band REM sang about “Shiny Happy People” on one of their hits. Do you know someone who is unusually bright...

Kindness Conversations

Sneak Peek: Four pastors have a conversation about the power of kindness. More from the conversation will be released in January. We are also...

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